David Schwimmer to star in adaptation of Israeli sitcom

‘Friends’ alum will also serve as a producer on the comedy tentatively known as ‘Irreversible’ – which is based on ‘Bilti Hafich.’

David Schwimmer is set to take his first major role on the small screen since Friends in the title role of the ABC comedy, Irreversible. The new series is based on Bilti Hafich — an Israeli show about how life changes when a baby joins the lives of an eccentric and self-centered couple.
Schwimmer is slated to take on the role of Andy, a writer with two books under his belt — one that did very well and one that was a complete failure. Andy is a pessimist who thrives on bungling up ordinary interactions. Since the birth of his daughter, he finds mustering up the energy to sit and write even more difficult than before.
Comedienne Adi Ashkenazi and actor Muli Shulman took the leads of Sarah and Andy in the original series.
Bilti Hafich broke record ratings in its first season in Israel. The ABC television network purchased the rights to Israel’s top-rated television series back in August. Other members of the cast have not been named.
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