Israel celebrates 65 in videos

Happy birthday videos for Israel’s Yom Ha’atzmaut (Independence Day).

Israel is marking its 65th anniversary on Tuesday, April 16. And with a click of the mouse – even if you’re not here — you can celebrate, too. ISRAEL21c has created a beautiful photo collage video highlighting the people and places that make this country so special.

We turned to Israeli singer-songwriter Rosi Golan for her uplifting music and called on readers to send in Israel photos that make them smile. The result: Three minutes of feel-good birthday cheer.

Here’s a round-up of some of the other Yom Ha’atzmaut 2013 videos on the Web:
• The Fountainheads — a group of young Israeli singers, dancers and musicians from the Ein Prat Academy for Leadership — released an original birthday song that has hit a positive note with YouTube viewers around the world.
• The international educational organization StandWithUs took a quirky angle and shows off 65 things the Israel advocacy group likes about Israel in just 65 seconds!

• AACI (the Association of Americans & Canadians in Israel) asked its members why they make Israel their home. For some it was about being Jewish, for others it was all about the food.

• The Ministry of Foreign Affairs celebrates 65 years of achievement.

• The UJA Federation in Canada and the US Center for Jewish Education organized video competitions for the 65th anniversary, with the winner receiving a trip to Israel. Here are two of the submissions:

• And if you’re looking for a real party to attend – in Israel or abroad – YouTube is brimming with promos for Yom Ha’atzmaut parties. The Tel Aviv Student Union presents the most original advertisement with its updated version of first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion calling on everyone in the state to celebrate.

Happy birthday, Israel!

Photo of the flags by

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  • bryna lee

    Delightful post. Thanks for including the AACI Yom HaAtzmaut video. Happy 65th Israel!

  • Sabina Shalom

    Not only am I filled with pride,awe and enormous admiration and respect for all that I have read and seen, I am also filled with a deep and searing angst that Israel’s magnificence goes so largely unacknowledged world wide. With so many brilliant minds, how is it that the media does not seem to have been sufficiently encouraged (or approached) to show at least some of Israel’s miraculous
    achievements especially as they are designed for world-wide use and adoption.

    Ignorance,lack of knowledge and understanding continue to undermine Israel’s superb
    achievements. This must be remedied – propaganda, promotion, influential names, companies, every source to be contacted. Ambassadors of goodwill, eloquent speakers,all should be touring the Nations with these incredibly wonderful films,documentaries and such personal stories filled with the continuing human outreach that Israel extends to the entire world

    These wonderful, beautiful films, make me smile and make me cry. But it is not tears that effect change. One does not need to convince the convinced, though it does not harm to remind the Jewish people of our duty and our obligations. It is the earnest attempts to rectify a situation. To bring that Light unto the Nations to shine more brightly and widely across this blessed earth upon which we the Jewish people were destined to serve.

    Sabina Shalom