Keep It Magniv Changemakers, @Sharona and @Omri
Keep It Magniv Changemakers, @Sharona and @Omri

Magniv is slang for cool. To us, magniv is a fight for survival.

Magniv is a choice. This is a movement of individuals who choose to live out their values and preserve our planet.

Magniv is a lifestyle. This is the result of collective action, where people are taking small steps that lead to monumental change.

Magniv is a chance to make your voice heard. This is an opportunity to get loud and make music from disarray.

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Keep It Magniv is your home for building a sustainable community. From our WhatsApp group full of changemakers and community organizers to our newsletter, and more, Keep It Magniv is the place for you to make a global impact.

Magniv is the bread and butter of combating climate change. The goal is to reach individuals who identify with the values and principles of Keep It Magniv. We are amplifying the voices of this movement with people who choose to embrace a lifestyle that promotes a love for our planet and preserving nature’s greatest gifts.

Magniv is the bread and butter of combating climate change.”

Life is about appreciating what we have, and we are community organizers dedicated to helping our planet thrive with unique ideas that lower the temperature and mitigate global warming.

Keep It Magniv is sustained by ISRAEL21c, a nonprofit media organization whose team of Israeli journalists and content creators bring to light stories rarely covered in mainstream media. The publication connects audiences to Israelis who are making our world better, sharing what inspires, motivates, and challenges them.

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