Watch: Sisterhood on skates

‘Skateboarding helps you deal with your fears,’ says a Jerusalem resident from Panama who helps girls and women find their feet through the sport.

ISRAEL21c Staff


Fast EV charging coming to New York’s La Guardia Airport

Brian Blum

Zooz Power uses a flywheel technology to fast-charge EVs. Photo courtesy of Zooz Power
Photo courtesy of Casa da Dona Maria – Boteco Bar

5 favorite places to get a fabulous mobile meal in Israel

Elana Shap


Streaming apps to the in-vehicle infotainment screen

Brian Blum

OVO offers a way for OEMs and car-rental agencies to stream apps to the infotainment system. Photo courtesy of OVO

New Label

TytoCare telehealth kits donated to countries in need

Giveback initiative enables the company and its partners to donate devices worldwide, significantly expanding access to clinic-quality healthcare.

Abigail Klein Leichman


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