iPhone users can now keep up to date on the air quality in their immediate surroundings with new features in the Apple Weather app courtesy of Israeli startup BreezoMeter.

The information from BreezoMeter, which utilizes machine learning to search through multiple sources of real-time air quality, will be accessible both through Apple Maps and Siri following the recent iOS 14.3 update.

The hyperlocal air quality data is available for locations in the United States, Britain, Germany, India and Mexico, allowing users to make immediate and informed decisions to reduce their exposure to air pollution (and giving them the perfect excuse not to go out for that run).

The information includes an air quality map, pollutant levels, pollen levels, environmental forecast and health-related recommendations for sensitive populations, all whittled down to within five meters of users’ location.

Haifa-based BreezoMeter was founded in 2014. Earlier this year, it placed for the second year running in Red Herring’s European Top 100 in the “cleantech” category and received an EU Horizon 2020 grant to advance air quality research. It also made its data available to research groups looking to explore the connection between fine particulate matter air pollution and Covid-19.