The high demand for Israel’s cutting-edge security solutions has made this year’s 2nd International Conference for Homeland Security in Tel Aviv a hot ticket for defense specialists.

Delegates from more than 50 countries will attend the November 11-14, 2012, event that will discuss today’s trends in cyber security, smart cities (urban security), protection of critical infrastructures and crisis management.

The conference is a major networking arena with dozens of Interior Affairs and Homeland Security ministers, mayors, police chiefs, and heads of intelligence organizations, managers and executives of leading companies engaged in relevant fields as well as heads of major sporting events expected to participate.
The who’s who list of attendees includes Defense Minister Ehud Barak; Prefect Claude Balland, Director of General National Police Commissioner, France; Mauro Miedico, Terrorism Prevention Branch, UNODC; Luiz Fernando Correa, Director of Security, 2016 Brazil Olympic Games Organizing Committee; José Hilário Nunes Medeiros, Security General Manager, FIFA 2014 World Cup; George N. Turner, Chief, Atlanta Police Department; Superintendent Garry F. McCarthy, Chicago Police; and Prof. Jürgen Stock, Vice President of the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA), Germany.

Some 60 leading Israeli companies will present innovative homeland security solutions during the four-day conference.

“The global homeland security market has significant business potential for Israeli companies and businesses. This is one of the world’s most rapid growing and changing markets in recent years, with an annual growth rate of approximately 6.5 percent, and an estimated global investment of approximately $188 billion in 2011, for manpower, training and technology acquisition,” said Ofer Sachs, Export Institute CEO. “It is estimated that by the year 2020, the worldwide expense for Homeland Security will reach $330 billion per year.”

The event is organized by the Israel Export Institute in cooperation with the Israeli ministries of Industry, Trade and Labor, Foreign Affairs, Homeland Security, Homeland Defense, Defense – SIBAT (Defense Export & Cooperation),the Port of Ashdod, and the Israel Exhibition Center.