Hishtil nurseries introduces Funtastick, Conic and Medusa bell pepper trees for your garden. (courtesy photo)
Hishtil nurseries introduces Funtastick, Kunik and Medusa bell pepper trees for your garden. (courtesy photo)

Israeli propagator Hishtil recently introduced a new tree that blossoms edible capsicums in a variety of colors. Hishtil says the tree –called ‘Funtastick’– is the world’s first sweet pepper tree. It was devised by grafting a common sweet pepper bush onto a stem.

The global nursery corporation says the trees can be grown on the balcony or in private gardens and that the peppers can be eaten straight after picking.

The Funtastick tree comes in two varieties: Medusa, a colorful set of peppers that boast a sweet taste; and Kunik, a spicy, smoky flavored variety.

The aesthetic edible Fantastic plant needs a warm climate for proper growth. But Hishtil nurseries say it has other similar plants, which can grow in cooler climates, and which can be consumed directly.