West Pharmaceuticals of Pennsylvania has opened an Innovation and Technology Center in Ra’anana, a central Israeli city near Herzliya.

West Pharma first arrived in Israel following its 2005 acquisition of Medimop Medical Products for $42 million. Medimop’s disposable injection and treatment products, such as ampoules, vials, containers and mixing devices for drugs, fit in with West’s core drug-delivery business.

When West acquired Medimop, there were just 20 people in the company. Today, West has 95 employees in the new 2,750-square-meter Ra’anana office.

The team in Israel develops and manufactures a number of West Pharma drug delivery and administration systems, such as the Vial2Bag Admixture system (which transfers drugs to an IV bag without the need for a needle), the MixJect reconstitution system (which prepares a powdered drug for immediate injection) and the SmartDose drug delivery platform (a wearable, subcutaneous injector).

That’s just a small part of West’s total operations, which include nearly 5,000 staff and 2017 net annual sales of $1.6 billion. West Pharma is headquartered in Exton, Pennsylvania.