Our organization has one goal above all others – to shine a light on the Israel that is virtually obscured by today’s headlines about violence, conflict and upheaval. In so doing, we seek to build a better understanding of the Israel of the 21st century.

It is the Israel we have come to know. The Israel beyond the headlines. The 21st century Israel.

It is the Israel that generates tremendous foreign investment in technology because of the intellectual capital and know-how it possesses.

It is the Israel that leads virtually all nations in the world in medicine, biotechnology and science – resulting in breakthroughs that enhance the quality of life and eradicate disease.

And it is the Israel that can offer the United States a great deal of knowledge about how a small nation that aspires to pluralistic democracy and freedom deals with terrorists who seek its destruction.

It is important to tell you what we do NOT do.

We do not speak on behalf of the Israeli government, any political party, religious faction or social interest. We are unashamedly pro-Israel and believe long-term support for Israel will be strengthened through an understanding of the complexity of its institutions and advances of its people.

We do not wish to divert attention from genuine concerns that you and others have about the Arab-Israeli political situation. In fact, we encourage you to learn more about the conflict from the variety of credible sources that are focused on these issues and related events.

Finally, we do not presume to supplant the efforts underway by other organizations seeking to educate or advocate on behalf of Israel. We seek to engage with them, partner with them when appropriate and share the information we gather.

We have received tremendous encouragement, ideas and support from a wide variety of people, organizations and viewpoints. This site will continue to expand over the coming weeks to reflect the diversity of their expertise and the knowledge that characterizes 21st century Israel. By visiting this site often, it is our hope that you can better understand the need to focus on Israel – beyond the conflict.