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November 8, 2015, Updated November 11, 2015

Educators wanting to teach students and children about contemporary life in Israel have been turning to ISRAEL21c for source information for years. Now we’re going to make life much easier with the launch of a brand new monthly e-newsletter, EDUCATORS21c, aimed specifically at all educators who want to make Israel relevant and interesting to their students.

Our new newsletter, EDUCATORS21c, was developed thanks to the generosity of the Franco Family Foundation and the Gerald and Miriam Friedkin Supporting Foundation of the Jewish Community Foundation of the East Bay.

All you have to do to receive the free newsletter in your inbox is to sign up for it here.

It is designed to be used anywhere from the classroom to the summer camp, after-school programs, or even at home, and gives educators everywhere an opportunity to link Israel into all types of learning environments.

EDUCATORS21c shares with you key articles and web pages from ISRAEL21c and helps you craft them into an exciting learning experience that will help students experience Israel in a whole new light.

It’s not your typical educator’s resource. It gives you more than just the information; it offers the guidance you need to integrate Israel into dynamic learning.

Key features

Key features of the new newsletter include:

Essential Questions – What are the big ideas that we want our students to leave with during a lesson? EDUCATORS21c assists you with an open-ended, thought- provoking essential question to both frame the article for you and your students and to give direction to your lesson.

Enduring Understandings – We briefly summarize the important ideas for you that will have a lasting impact after the lesson is over.

Key Words – Articles can be looked up with key words for easy reference.

EDUCATORS21c is developed by Bil Zarch,  a Jewish educational leader in Jewish day schools, camping, and preschools for the past 18 years. An award-winning educator, Zarch was Director of the High School at Prozdor Hebrew High School at Hebrew College in Boston for 11 years, and from there moved to the Jewish day school where he has led two day schools – Lander-Grinspoon Academy in Northampton, MA and Krieger Schechter Day School in Baltimore.  Zarch also blogs regularly.

“We think EDUCATORS21c will have a significant impact on the emerging field of Israel education for kids,” said Amy Friedkin, President of the board at ISRAEL21c. “ISRAEL21c has the largest archive of content about 21st century Israel anywhere – and creates new content every day. Now our content is customized for educators and their students.”

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