In just over a year, 30,000 clients in 191 countries have adopted Israeli company Kampyle’s feedback system, allowing them to discover what their customers really think.



Kampyle has come up with a solution to ensure that customers feel their opinions are being taken into account.

The customer is king, today more than ever before – and as royalty he or she demands to be listened to. Customers always prefer to be well-treated, but the relationship between buyer and seller becomes even more crucial during recessionary times, when every sale counts. Israel’s Kampyle has come up with a way to ensure that customers feel like their opinions are being taken into account – making them much more likely to remain customers.

Based in the Tel Aviv suburb of Ramat Gan, Kampyle has devised the best way yet for sites to garner user opinions – in fact it’s so good that it has been adopted by no fewer than 30,000 clients in 191 countries, in just over a year.

Kampyle’s feedback forms make it easy for site users to voice their opinions, enabling them to give meaningful feedback to sites they have complaints about – or positive reviews to sites they like.

Kampyle knows that businesses that take the time to listen to their customers are rewarded with better sales, a positive reputation for “trying harder,” and loyal customers. Those that don’t can expect consumer calumny to be heaped upon their heads. And thanks to the Internet, that calumny is heaped on faster and more furiously than at any time in history.

Far better responses than web surveys

Kampyle has designed a simple and attractive form that encourages users to express themselves. As opposed to the response to obtrusive pop-ups with long lists of questions – which users often view as just another “selfish gimmick”- the reaction to Kampyle’s forms is much more positive. Instead of having to deal with annoying pop-ups, customers just click on a non-intrusive button if they have something to say.

Instead of the intimidating lists of questions found on those pop-ups, Kampyle forms have user-friendly smiley faces and frowns, which customers click on to make their feelings known. Site owners can put a handy Kampyle button on any page, or implement a button at any stage of a user’s experience on their sites. And this gives customers the feeling that someone out there is interested in what they think.

The result is that “Kampyle forms get far more response than web surveys,” Ariel Finkelstein, CEO of Kampyle tells ISRAEL21c. “And customers are so pleased with our forms that 60 percent of them leave e-mail addresses for follow-up,” he declares.

Considering the usual negative reaction from surfers when they’re presented with a web survey, that statistic alone proves the worth of the system.

Partnering with Google

Recently, Kampyle partnered with Google, whose analytics system is used by sites to collect data about how many users surf to a particular site and what they do there. “Kampyle complements Google Analytics,” says Finkelstein: “It tells you what web surfers did on your site, and we tell you why they did it.”

Kampyle goes far beyond collecting information. The system analyzes the responses, searching for patterns and common denominators that help site owners to determine where and what they have to change or improve. And once the changes have been made, the system alerts site owners as to which customers triggered those changes, so that they can be informed.

Kamyple comes in especially handy for retailers concerned about shopping cart abandonment – those situations where customers have clearly spent time on a site, but change their mind at the last minute, just before making a purchase. By determining what may have dissuaded a potential buyer at that stage, via feedback from users, web retailers can improve the user experience and make more sales.

But Kampyle isn’t just about web sales; the feedback system is used by a wide variety of sites, including government-sponsored sites that aren’t selling anything per se, but are interested in ensuring that their “customers” are happy.

“In essence, we at Kampyle have created a new field – feedback analytics, letting site owners get in touch with their customers as never before,” says Finkelstein. “This is 360 degree communications for customers and businesses to stay in touch with each other.”

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