After too many reports of children and pets dying of heatstroke from being left in a hot car, Waze set out to create a new safety alert to remind drivers to check the car before leaving and locking up.

The Google-owned GPS driving app announced this week that its Child Reminder alert has been added to its app update.

“Time driving is usually spent planning next steps – what we’ll do when we reach our destination, what to make for dinner, which route to take. We hope this feature serves as a reminder to be present and remember any little ones who cannot speak up when it’s time to get out of the car,” Waze writes on a blog post introducing the new safety measure.

Waze’s Child Reminder is an opt-in alert that appears at the end of a ride. To set it up, go to Menu > Settings > General > Child Reminder > Turn on “Allow Reminders.”

“We’re constantly listening to our users’ requests and concerns, as well as paying attention to the news and looking into issues drivers face,” said Waze’s Head of Brand, Julie Mossler.

“Just as drivers sometimes forget to turn off their headlights, they sometimes forget things in the car too,” Mossler told ABC News. “This new feature helps keep people present in the vehicle and gives them a important, possibly life-saving reminder, that drivers sometimes need.”

People who choose to use this new feature can also customize it with their children’s or pets’ names.

Waze started as an Israeli startup and was sold to Google in 2013 for $1.03 billion.