Volunteer opportunities in Israel

It might be surprising that a country as small as Israel could have such a wide array of volunteer opportunities, but it’s true.
Volunteers cleaning up Gan Or beach in Israel. Photo by Flash90

Are you looking to make a meaningful contribution to people in need and, at the same time experience a new country and its people?

If so, I invite you to take a look at Israel. There are some eye-opening opportunities in the areas of world aid, the environment, and education.

It might be surprising that a country as small as Israel could have such a wide array of volunteer opportunities, but it’s true.

Here are just some of the volunteer opportunities to help you choose which one is best for you.

1. Work on a kibbutz

The course offers participants useful tools, a supportive environment and networking opportunities. Photo by Liat Shaked


Kibbutzim (this is the plural) were the original communes and work collectives. The Kibbutz Program Center gives volunteers from around the world the opportunity to be placed on a kibbutz to work and live for a period of between two to 12 months.

This experience will give you the chance to learn new skills and meet new people from around the world. The organization’s hope is that you will return home as a leader for your community and the world.

2. From the desert

Camels resting in Israel. Photo by Frankie Alchanati


The southern part of Israel has more than 6,178 miles of desert. This complex terrain is home to many animals such as oryxes, leopards, wildcats and reptiles. GoEco provides the opportunity for volunteers to come to this region and spend a minimum of 17 days feeding animals, maintaining reserve facilities, and helping park rangers. If you are up for a unique experience, this is certainly it.

3. To the sea

Diving in Eilat. Photo via Shutterstock.com


The city of Eilat is at the southern tip of Israel, which borders the Red Sea and is home to one of the world’s richest coral reefs. GoEco gives volunteers the opportunity to help protect Eilat’s Coral Reef Reserve. Volunteers can work on cleaning the beach and the water. You can take this experience home to promote essential environmental work.

4. Teach English

Arab and Jewish schoolchildren gather in Majd al-Krum for hands-on science activities. Photo courtesy of Moona


English is one of many languages spoken in Israel and it is advantageous in a global economy for Israelis to become fluent from an early age. The ability to speak and understand English can help transform one’s future.

Masa Israel has a partnership with the Ministry of Education to provide 10-month fellowships for college graduates to teach children how to speak English.

5. Become a humanitarian

An IsraAID staffer oversees construction of a shelter in Dominica. Photo: courtesy


IsraAID is an Israeli organization created to assist people from around the world before, during and after disasters strike and recovery is needed. IsraAID has worked in more than 50 countries including the United States, where they have played a pivotal role in aiding people following California fires and the Texas and Puerto Rican hurricanes.

You can get invovled by hosting a speaker, donating, joining IsraAid’s volunteer roster, or joining IsraAid’s Humanitarian Professionals network. An opportunity not to be missed. Help save lives and respond to disasters.

These five suggestions are just a fraction of the volunteer activities available in Israel. Consider taking on the experience of a lifetime. Whether this will be your first time going to Israel or not, get off the tourist bus and do something life-changing.

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