Just don’t call him a drag queen. Photo by Ronen Akerman
Uriel Yekutiel, the queen/king of Israel’s nightlife. Photo by Ronen Akerman

One of the faces of Israel’s fabulous nightlife scene, Uriel Yekutiel, woke up a few days ago to find he had been chosen as one of the Top 10 international drag superstars by NewNowNext entertainment news site.

“Yekutiel’s gender-blurring eccentric caricature (he eschews the “drag queen” label) has landed him in nightclubs throughout Europe and South America, Pride parades around the world, and even on an Israeli sitcom. He’s also earned a following for his work with Israeli electro-pop group The Young Professionals,” the site writes in its reasoning for choosing Yekutiel.

“Apparently I was named one of 10 international drag superstars, alongside Dame Edna, Conchita and Jodie Harsh, in honor of International drag day. YAY,” he posted on his Facebook page.

Yekutiel is globally recognized for his look: his signature mustache and the latest in women’s fashion. He has performed on stages around the world.

“I’m proud to be a face of Israel, if that really is the case,” he told ISRAEL21c in an interview last year.