The Israel Conference, a unique all-day business event, will take place in Los Angeles tomorrow (June 3). The conference aim is “to generate business and inspire creativity by featuring amazing technologies and market leaders.”

The conference incorporates targeted panel sessions and special technology and product presentations to showcase Israeli-facing companies.

It covers a broad spectrum of companies including those founded in Israel, those that have R&D in Israel, those that do business in Israel, and those that invest in Israeli companies.

The companies represent many sectors ranging from solar technology to digital delivery to disruptive mobile technology, to branded consumer products.

Participating companies include multi-national industry giants such as Marvell, Google, Microsoft, Qualcomm, SanDisk, and Delta Galil as well as innovative companies such as RayV, WinBuyer, TuneWiki, Amimon, Yes to Carrots and Dorot.

The Israel Conference co-founders, Sharona Justman, Managing Director of STEP Strategy Advisors and Yossi Vardi, the Israeli ‘Godfather of high-tech’ who brought instant messaging to the world scene, say that the first step in creating strong business ties is creating a personal connection.

“This conference is a forum to further ideas that bring innovation to an industry while facilitating the business dialogue between US and Israeli companies,” says Justman.