Tu b’Av (the 15th of the month of Av) is a minor Jewish holiday that, as with Valentine’s Day in the US, has become a major driver for late summer romance and romantic gift giving.

In fact, a recent study by the Jewish People Policy Institute found that while most Israelis know about Tu b’Av, only one in 10 is familiar with Valentine’s Day.

The survey of 3,000 Israeli Jews, conducted by Samuel Rosner and Prof. Camil Fuchs, found that 37% planned to purchase a gift or flowers for their spouse for Tu b’Av, compared with 19% for Valentine’s Day and 34% of Israelis said they would “do something romantic” with their partner on Tu b’Av, compared with 21% on Valentine’s Day.

In honor of Tu b’Av – this year, it coincided with August 16 — ISRAEL21c presents a selection from the National Photograph Collection, which presents a kind of “photographic history book” of the State of Israel.

Enjoy the photos of lovers as documented by Government Press Office photographers, from the earliest days of pre-State Israel and up until the present day.

This charming picture of an elderly couple holding hands in their backyard was captured in 1933 by Zoltan Kluger, a famous photographer of pre-State Israel. Photo courtesy of Israel State Archives/GPO
Cars were a luxury that few could afford in in 1950s Israel. Motorcycles were an option for young couples like this one. Photo by Seymour Katcoff/GPO
A couple walking hand in hand toward the Jaffa shore in 1963, from the top of what is today Old Jaffa’s Gan HaPisga (Summit Garden). Photo by Moshe Pridan/GPO
A young couple relaxing on the lawn outside the ancient walls of Jerusalem’s Old City, 1983. Photo by Andria/GPO
An Ethiopian Jewish couple at a temporary absorption center in Jerusalem’s Diplomat Hotel, after being airlifted to Israel in 1991’s Operation Solomon. Photo by Sa’ar Ya’acov/GPO
A couple waves the pride flag on Jerusalem’s King David Street at the 2007 Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem. Photo: Avi Ohayon/GPO
A kissing couple riding their Segway personal transporters around TelAviv. Photo by Moshe Milner/GPO
A haredi Jewish couple out walking after a 2013 snowstorm blanketed Jerusalem for several days. Photo by Mark Neyman/GPO