A production team from the documentary TV series “TrueFuture” recently spent eight days in Israel filming segments on Israel’s world-renowned medical device and healthcare technology industry.

“TrueFuture” host and producer Joe Mullings heads The Mullings Group, a global executive search firm in the medical device industry, and its production company, Dragonfly Stories. The series “exposes cutting edge medical tech and the inspirations of the creators” in cities around the globe.

The leading Israeli personalities Mullings included in the series are well known to ISRAEL21c readers.

Among them are Yossi Gross, founder of 36 medical device companies (so far); Tal Wenderow of BeyondVerbal; Shady Hassan of Healthymize; Dr. Maurit Beeri, director of ALYN Pediatric and Adolescent Rehabilitation Center; Technion Prof. Moshe Shoham of Mazor Robotics; Michal Geva of Triventures, a VC fund investing in health technologies; Anya Eldan, head of the Israel Innovation Authority’s startup division; Nahum Ferera of EyeYon Medical; and Guy Meger of EarlySense.

Day 2 Israel: Yossi Gross & A Day in Tel Aviv

Israel – Day 2 of the TrueFuture TV Season 3 shoot of StartUp Nation – Israel. What a way to start the morning. In Jaffa, Joe Mullings spent some time with Yossi Gross. Yossi could not have been more generous sharing his experience and insights as to how he has navigated an incredible career. He also reminded us he is only in the "middle innings" and has more to come :)In the afternoon, it was digging in and understanding the diversity of Tel Aviv. This is important because it sets the stage for the diversity of thought, lifestyles, cultures and acceptance of thinking big and thinking differently.And as always, we like to share the behind-the-scenes (BTS) stuff and the amazing crew of Dragonfly Stories that makes it all happen.Much more to share but that's it for now :)Visit Israel Tel Aviv, Israel The Times of Israel

פורסם על ידי ‏‎TrueFuture TV‎‏ ב- יום רביעי, 13 בנובמבר 2019

The crew also interviewed veterans of the Israel Defense Forces’ legendary Unit 8200 signal intelligence unit, many of whom became leading figures in the startup ecosystem.

They even took time to explore the outdoor markets in Jaffa and Jerusalem.

Mullings said the 10 segments filmed in Israel will comprise the third season of “TrueFuture.”

Day 3 Israel: The Jerusalem Market Stroll

Day 3 exploring Israel for our TrueFuture TV docu-series and its medtech engine. Some time in Jerusalem. Known as the Start Up Nation, Israel maintains its tech momentum from a wide range of contributors. One of the key partners is the government. The collaboration between the emerging tech ecosystem and the State is a fascinating and effective model that Joe Mullings discussed with Anya Eldan who is Vice President at Israel Innovation Authority StartUp Division.A fantastic conversation with Anya sharing the intention, mindset and ongoing success of the program. Also, a little fun with the our Dragonfly Stories team behind the scenes.Visit Israel Jerusalem, Israel The Times of Israel The Jerusalem Post / JPost.com

פורסם על ידי ‏‎TrueFuture TV‎‏ ב- יום חמישי, 14 בנובמבר 2019