Rowing isn’t likely to overtake soccer or basketball as Israel’s top sport, but a Tel Aviv rowing center aims to groom Olympic champions.

The Daniel Rowing Centre in Tel Aviv sponsors some of Israel’s top young competitive rowers, including Oleg Gonorovsky, 20, and Chen Oshri, 19, who train there 30 hours each week.

Founded in memory of Daniel Marcus, a potential Olympic rower killed in a car accident at the age of 21, the rowing center on the banks of the Yarkon River is grooming many future champs.

Daniel Rowing Centre in Tel Aviv

The Daniel Rowing Centre on the banks of the Yarkon in Tel Aviv.

Coaches from Daniel enter local Israeli schools to scout out long-limbed youngsters with good coordination.

Marcus’ mother, Linda Streit, dreams of producing an Olympic medalist in her son’s stead.

Rowing may be a minority sport in Israel, but 300 elite athletes in Israel’s four rowing clubs are giving it their best shot.