On January 31, Bjarn Riis, Danish winner of the 1996 Tour de France and top Israeli cyclist Ran Margolis will set off across Israel on their bikes in the company of representatives of the Italian professional cycling group Footon-Servetto.

During eight days in the country they will cycle for four, and cover 330 miles on a route that traverses Israel from Mount Hermon in the north to the city of Eilat in the south and includes several important Christian sites.

The bicycle tour, organized by Genesis Cycling, comprises about 50 participants, including board members of Footon-Servetto, senior riders, sponsors and VIP guests.

Genesis Cycling, led by Rafi Camhi (28) and Udi Levi (27), seeks to promote Israel as a destination for both professional and amateur cycling tourism. The company specializes in developing bicycle tours of the country tailored to the specific interests of participants.