The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) is seeking to develop relationships and potential partnerships with Israeli renewable energy companies and will be participating in the upcoming Eilat-Eilot International Renewable Energy Conference in Eilat from February 16 to 18.

The Toronto Stock Exchange – a subsidiary of the TMX Group Inc. – is the world’s largest market for clean tech companies, the world’s eighth largest stock exchange, and Canada’s largest stock exchange by market capitalization.

While Israeli companies are well-represented on NASDAQ and on the New York and London Stock Exchanges, they have yet to establish a significant presence on the TSX.

“… As we will be attending the event with a senior level delegation of investment bankers and lawyers, there is a good chance that we will be able to start the IPO process for a number of Israeli firms,” says Raymond King, Senior Manager of Listings Business Development at the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Earlier this year, a number of Israeli renewable energy companies met with Toronto-based investment bankers and angel investors, the results of which led to several offers of IPOs from the TSX as well as discussions on joint ventures between the Israeli companies and counterparts in Toronto.