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Welcome to the new site of ISRAEL21c. We’ve gone through many site changes since the nonprofit organization launched its first website in late 2001, but this is our most ambitious and exciting to date.

Over the last 14 years, ISRAEL21c has emerged as the leading alternative voice on Israel. Our lively content – which ranges from articles to videos, blogs, quizzes and slideshows – consistently shows the best and brightest developments coming out of Israel, whether they’re in health, innovation, culture or humanitarian aid.

We’re all used to seeing one-sided stories about Israel in the international press, but our skilled and dedicated journalists have made it their mission to tell different stories – to tell the stories about the Israel we know.

You obviously appreciate it. Our traffic has more than doubled in the last 18 months and our social-media presence has grown exponentially.

It’s an uphill battle, but we know our stories are getting out there. We’ve watched them get picked up, reprinted and re-reported, giving people everywhere – even in countries hostile to Israel – a chance to find out just how much this tiny country is helping the world.

Our new site, developed by leading news website developer RGB Media, is going to help us get this message out more clearly than ever before.

Find out more about why we created this new site below, and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you.

1. ISRAEL21c is getting bigger and better

There’s a lot going on at ISRAEL21c right now, and we have many innovative features and initiatives emerging over the next six months. We needed a website that can do these new developments justice. Watch this space.

2. Walk the walk

When you report on state-of-the-art developments, you need a state-of-the-art site to do it on. Israel is a leading trendsetter worldwide, and we cover some of the most disruptive technologies around. We needed a site that is as innovative as the news we chronicle. Thanks to RGB we have it. Our new site brings together the best in Israeli technology and design.

3. Simple and easy-to-use

You’re in a hurry and you need your content fast. Our elegant and fresh new site streamlines your experience, to give you all the news you need in a simple, engaging and visually gorgeous way.

4. Fabulous photographs

We know you love photographs, and Israel is a beautiful country with so many things to see. We wanted to share that with you. Our new site lets us make our photographs bigger and sharper, so you can get a real taste for the country we’re covering.

5. Social-media savvy

ISRAEL21c is more than just a news site; it also has a significant mission. We wanted to put social media front and center in our new site to make it easier for you to share our content on any platform that you choose. Go on, share it. It’s easier than ever now.

6. On your phone, too

This is a mobile world, and it’s essential to have a site that works superbly even on the teeniest, tiniest screen. Our new mobile site is as clean and streamlined as our website, so relax and enjoy. You can now read ISRAEL21c wherever you are.

7. News changes every day

Most news websites today have static templates that can’t change when the news changes. But news is dynamic, and you need a dynamic digital platform to reflect that. That’s exactly what RGB created for us, with a new home page and newsletter that we can alter and adapt as the news changes.

8. Search and you will find

When you’ve got thousands of articles in your archive, you need a top-rate search function. That’s what we’ve installed on our new site so that you can navigate your way through every imaginable subject, whether it’s cardboard bikes or the latest developments in diabetes. If we’ve got it, you can now find it.

9. Bringing you ALL the news

On our new website you won’t just find all the regular ISRAEL21c content that you love, but all the best stories about Israel from publishers all over the world. If you’re looking to follow positive developments coming out of Israel today, you don’t need to go any further. ISRAEL21c will have it all.

10. We have a job for you, too

ISRAEL21c’s strength is its readers. We never forget that. It’s thanks to you that our stories are reaching new audiences across the globe. In the coming months we plan to use our site to unveil a sensational new initiative. What is it? You’ll have to wait a little longer to see. But we can tell you that you’ll play a vital role.