There are over 700 videos on ISRAEL21c’s YouTube channel. Clips spotlight Israel’s innovation alongside mini travel-logs; lip-smacking culinary videos and quirky events.

We uploaded more than 40 new videos in 2013. They include a film about a unique doggie daycare for pampered pets, a humorous look at the game of Matkot, Tel Aviv’s first marathon for dogs, an introduction to musician Tamir Grinberg, and a guide to fishing in the desert.

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Here are the 10 most watched ISRAEL21c videos in 2013. How many have you watched?

1. OrCam

The OrCam camera device is one of Israel’s top 10 advances in vision. Hebrew University Prof. Amnon Shashua – who is also behind the Mobileye driver-safety system — created this technology that “sees” and “reads” for the visually impaired. Click on the video and get ready to be amazed.

2. Israel Shining Bright

For the last few years, ISRAEL21c has marked Israel’s Independence Day with a celebratory video. In 2013, we invited readers to send in photographs of “real” Israel.

The montage video of smiles and sunsets, babies and bakers, surfers and clergymen, were set to the awesome song “Shine” by Israel-born singer and songwriter Rosi Golan.


3. Haifa Bakeries

Haifa has been Israel’s baking capital for over 80 years. A group of immigrants from Eastern Europe settled in the northern city and became known for their fancy cream cakes, fresh yeast buns and old-fashioned breads.

Today, the third-largest city in Israel still has the most number of bakeries per person in the country.

Take a virtual bite out of this video:

4. Jerusalem of White

Snow in Jerusalem brings joy and slippery fun for all.

In January and December 2013, the biggest snowstorms in more than two decades hit Jerusalem, sprinkling white flakes everywhere. The city’s road traffic was trifling but foot traffic was momentous as residents – young and old — came out to play.

5. Postcard from Israel Emek Refaim

This year we launched a new “Postcard from Israel” travel-log video series. These videos offer snapshots of Israel, including fun and beautiful places you may never have seen before.

Our stroll down Emek Refaim in Jerusalem one Friday morning proved to be the most popular so far.

6. Postcard from Israel – Light Rail

The Light Rail in Jerusalem is much more than a public transportation system. Hosting the city’s multi-ethnic residents and visitors, this sleek trolley glides past all the major landmarks in the world’s most talked-about city.

Hop on:

7. Startup Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is one of the world’s most innovative cities, with about 700 tech startups in its 20 square miles. California’s Silicon Valley? Check out Israel’s Silicon Wadi!

Click on the video and you’re sure to be surprised by the names of companies that started here in Tel Aviv:


8. The Man Who Taught Me To Fly

Israel is one of the most important centers for birdwatching in the world with over 500 million birds flying over the country in spring and fall.

In a joint initiative by ISRAEL21c and the iCenter, as part of the latest iMMERSE installment, we tell the story of how Yossi Leshem, director of Israel’s International Center for the Study of Bird Migration, became one of the leading bird experts in the world today.

It is a video created for youngsters but one that appeals to everyone:  


9. Postcard from Israel – Dizengoff Street

Strolling down Dizengoff Street  in Tel Aviv will give you a real taste of the city. The famous boulevard was built in the 1930s in tribute to the city’s first mayor, Meir Dizengoff.

Visitors to this thoroughfare will soak up history and culture as they make their way from chic boutiques in the north to the Fredric R. Mann Auditorium in the south.

10. Postcard from Israel – First Train Station, Jerusalem

Another video from ISRAEL21c’s popular Postcard from Israel series takes viewers to the Ottoman-era train depot in Jerusalem. Hundreds of people pack the former train platform, which has turned into the city’s hottest new culture and dining destination.

Click to see where all the action is happening:

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