These made-in-Israel Facebook and smartphone apps are revolutionizing the way we network, share and communicate with people we know and people we’d like to know.

1. Bizzabo maximizes your ability to network in real time at professional conferences and events. Based on your business profile, the smartphone app will search for and find the most suitable contacts for you to approach on site. Bizzabo also enables organizers to promote their event, send out scheduling updates and engage directly with their attendees.

2. GoGetMi creates, records, manages and shares all your interactions with service providers. Its social network lets you see the service providers used by your contacts and Facebook friends, and the details of their agreements (if they agreed to share), with an option to voice your opinions on those providers. Providers can use GoGetMi to monetize interactive voice response to mobile and Internet while offering better service, use built-in forms to lower costs, create/execute call polls and surveys, interact with customers in real time as groups and individuals, and gain tools for better decision-making and micro-targeted campaigns based on users’ behavior data.

3. AppMyDay allows guests at any event to snap smartphone photos and instantly display them on a giant screen or on their phones via live feed. Guests can download the app in advance by SMS or email, or scan a QR code printed on invitations or place cards. In addition to sharing, they can add well-wishes and send images directly to any other user’s mobile device. The live feed is a boon for overseas guests and anyone else who couldn’t make it. The app and content remains in AppMyDay servers for unlimited time, so you can revisit your happy moments and even print souvenir magnets from the photos.

4. Serendip Media – tagline: “Find your music soul mates and listen to the music they share” — is a social music discovery service, connecting you with others who have similar musical taste, and automatically building a playlist of the music they are currently sharing. Launched as a Web service in September 2012, Serendip unveiled its mobile app for iPhone and iPod Touch four months later, re-designing its desktop experience for the mobile space so users may listen to their socially fueled playlist anywhere.

Sharing music.
Sharing music.

5. Ringya, billed as “a snappy solution for organizing your contacts,” is an app that interfaces with your phone’s calendar and photo location tags. Just snap a picture or email contact lists to Ringya, and they’re transformed into smart, organized, searchable “rings.” If you take pictures at an event that is entered in your calendar, the app will automatically name that album accordingly. You can search contact lists by job title or role, so you can find someone whose name escapes you. Last July, Ringya began offering support in Spanish and Portuguese.

6. gathers all your social-media memories in one place, by connecting all your friends’ uploads, posts and tweets and presenting them in a single display panel. Users can connect using any social network or photo-sharing site. Moment maintains the privacy settings on all pictures from the original site the pictures were uploaded to, which means you may have to sign in to see them.

7. Shaker Facebook app won a “most disruptive” TechCrunch award last year for its ability to bring the party to your screen. Dubbed the “first nightclub on Facebook,” Shaker lets users into a virtual room where they can meet friends, friends of friends and “the rest,” as the app maker calls them. You can butt into an existing conversation or start a new one. You can even type your chats in ALL CAPS to be heard over the “background noise.”

8. Stevie mashes up online content and social media feeds to make a personal broadcast experience just for you. Available as an Android or iPhone app, Stevie takes feeds from Facebook and Twitter, your friends’ photos, and — let’s say — the old video of Little Richard they’re sharing, along with “Liked” articles about sea turtles, and uses a bunch of algorithms to put them all into channels with unique content.

9. Twinklr is a 21st century approach to fan clubs. Using this Israeli-made Facebook app, you can find new friends who share your fascination with a particular celebrity, create and join new groups, share photos and clips, and earn “affection points” good for exclusive offers and prizes.

Twinklr homepage

10. MyWebees Facebook application enables you to embed your website into your FB business page with a single click. You get access to more than 20 social apps designed to enrich your site, and you can also add social buttons and marketing aids and develop alliances with other small businesses on Facebook. You can also create a mobile version of your FB page.