In a year marked by digital editions of what were once staples of our everyday lives – conferences, performances and theater shows – it’s surprisingly unsurprising that even marathons are getting an online twist.

This year’s Tel Aviv Samsung Marathon is going both digital and global and will be taking place wherever its participants choose, via a dedicated app. This app will allow them to run a local course designed especially for them according to the distance they wish to complete – marathon, half-marathon, 10 kilometers or five kilometers.

Taking place on February 19-15, the marathon’s motto is “All Running Together Separately.” The marathon app is set to broadcast a start line ceremony, offer interactive monitoring of marathon routes and race times, provide motivational messages and playlists and, of course, allow users to view and share photos captured along the route.

While the app will produce a personalized official certificate upon the completion of the race, results will not constitute competitive race times and accordingly winners and runners-up will not be announced.

Those who can’t do without their running garb will be able to order runners’ kits that include a drawstring bag, an official marathon running shirt, a personal runner number, a medal and a “finisher” sticker for an additional sum.

Last year, more than 40,000 runners from around the world participated in the Tel Aviv race. The marathon is a favorite winter race due to the city’s year-long warm climate and the seaside views along the route.

“We will run together this year in a unique format, creating a broad human mosaic of participants running together across the globe,” said Lior Shapira, chairman of Tel Aviv-Yafo City Council and its head of sports. “Until we meet again soon in sunny Tel Aviv-Yafo, we look forward to bringing the atmosphere of Tel Aviv-Yafo to your doorstep.”