Tel Aviv-based TheTime — which invests in early stage Israeli startups in the areas of telecom, internet, media and entertainment – won its third consecutive title as best incubator at a recent awards ceremony by Israel’s Office of the Chief Scientist. Cartiheal, Sol Chip, and ApiFix were chosen as the three best technology incubator graduates by the office’s Technological Incubators Program.

TheTime, owned by Ilan Shiloach and Nir Tarlovski, and managed by Uri Weinheber, was honored for the number and quality of ventures it has adopted, their management, and the securing of follow-on investments for them, said the Technological Incubators Program.

The Office of the Chief Scientist also spotlighted the groundbreaking knee implant by Cartiheal, Sol Chip’s innovative solar operated battery, and the much hyped ApiFix medical device that corrects severe spinal curvature.

IonMed‘s revolutionary scar-free cold plasmas incision closure technology was named an award finalist.