Whether it’s In Treatment, The Ex List, The Successor or new kid on the block, Split, Israeli TV programs are providing inspiration for a whole new set of TV shows around the world.

From Mississippi to Mozambique, Israeli TV program and formats have become increasingly viable exports. Low on production costs, and big on talent, the programs are increasingly providing to be hits on foreign screens. Find out more in our stories below.

Biting into the world’s TV

Israeli TV programs are being picked up increasingly abroad. Now it’s time the government treated the industry like high-tech, say Israeli TV producers.

Turning out film talent in Tel Aviv

Award-winning Israeli directors, writers and producers say they owe their success to the film school that made them “independent” and “warrior-like.”

Tuesday Night Live takes to the US roads

A TV variety hour, filmed live in Jerusalem on Tuesday nights, is taking its show on the road, starting with Texas.

Nat’l Geographic buys Israeli TV show

For the first time, National Geographic Television has bought an Israeli series, signing a deal withAnaney Communications for the program Market Values, hosted by Israeli actor Yishai Golan.

Smart cartoons for kids

An Israeli animation company for pre-schoolers is attracting networks in the US, Canada, Europe and even Qatar with content that is aimed to expand creativity, knowledge and fun.

Tough and talented flower from the Weeds

From yeshiva girl to zombie, comedy sitcoms to Hollywood films, Meital Dohan is the epitome of the tough and feisty Israeli female persona.

New US reality TV show to feature Israeli hospital

Phil Rosenthal and Steven Spielberg have combined their talents to come up with a new reality TV series for US TV set in Jerusalem’s Sha’are Zedek Hospital.

Coming soon to HBO: A ‘therapeutic’ drama made in Israel

When Noa Tishby moved from Tel Aviv to Los Angeles, it was to make it as an actress. Two years later, she’s now a history-making producer, spearheading the first original Israeli TV drama series to be picked up by an American network.

America finds its Ex List on Israeli TV

The latest hit drama from CBS, Ex-List, was inspired by Israel’sMythological X. “It’s an historic moment – the first Israeli-inspired show to be made into an American network series,” said Arik Kneller, head of Kneller Artists Agency, which represents Mythological X creator Sigal Avin.

Israel’s latest export – TV spoonbenders and shrinks [VIDEO]

It’s a Wednesday night, 8.00pm – prime time in the world of television. The opening credits herald the start of the hottest new reality TV sensation – a five part mentalist extravaganza called Phenomenon. The camera focuses briefly on controversial Israeli spoonbender Uri Geller amid a barrage of Hollywood lights and billows of white smoke. The “master of the mind” has arrived.

Israel’s David Broza brings Masada to American TV viewers

It isn’t every day that an Israeli musician is featured on American public television. But viewers of over 300 PBS stations across the US will be able to see one of Israel’s best all month with the repeated screening of David Broza at Masada: The Sunrise Concert with Jackson Browne and Shawn Colvin.

HBO orders 40 episodes of series based on Israeli drama

Based on the popular and critically acclaimed Israeli series of the same name (‘B’tipul’ in Hebrew), Treatment centers on a therapist (Byrne) who is calm, smooth, insightful and nonconfrontational with his patients but turns into a testy, self-doubting individual full of barely concealed anger when he is a patient seeing his own shrink.

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