Mona has 2,205 followers on Instagram. She’s been going to work at Yotpo in Tel Aviv for two and a half years and is very popular – although sometimes she distracts coworkers from their jobs at the ecommerce marketing platform.

Mona is a nearly three-year-old Aussiedoodle.

In a city that has the world’s highest per-capita ratio of pet dogs to people (1:17), Mona is one of many pooches that accompany their “pawrents” to work at high-tech firms.

And increasingly, companies that host these hounds are posting the dogs’ photos on their corporate social media pages and even creating separate accounts for the office pet.

“I’ve had an Instagram account for over a year because I wanted to share with the world what a fun life I was leading,” Mona “tells” ISRAEL21c in an exclusive interview.

“Sadly, my Pawpa said he can’t concentrate when I’m at the office, even though I think I’m only helping. Anyways, I seem to make him more popular when I’m there, that’s for sure,” she confides, adding that she also works as a therapy dog with children.

“At the office I’m super popular — everyone wants to take me out, and I let them. It’s the least I can do for these poor computer nerds and techies,” she relates. “One of the workers fell in love with me so much that he got one just like me!”

25 dogs ‘work’ at Guesty

No fewer than 25 pet dogs go to work with their owners at the five-story Tel Aviv office of Guesty, a global short-term and vacation property management platform.

Reina goes to work at Guesty with her pawrent, Doron Pryluk. Photo by Ori Ronit

Reina, a large Italian Cane Corso cattle dog, chills out calmly while her doggie dad Doron Pryluk sits in meetings – although if he leaves the room, she tends to bump into the glass partitions looking for him.

“She’s much calmer at the end of the day versus when she stays at home,” Pryluk tells ISRAEL21c. “It’s not a doggie daycare but the fact that she spends time with me keeps her happy.”

A dog day at Guesty HQ for Romeo. Photo by Ori Ronit

Reina’s made friends with a couple of other Guesty dogs, including Miko and Richie. Pryluk says there are no rules for the 200 or so employees regarding dog etiquette in the office, but employees are careful to bring only well-behaved canines.

Gin ‘works’ at Autodesk

Gin the collie “on the job” at Autodesk in Tel Aviv. Photo: courtesy

Gin, a “lovely and cute” collie, comes to work at Autodesk two or three days a week.

She doesn’t really help employees develop 3D design, engineering and construction software. But she adds a playful vibe to the office, and she’s got 102 followers on Instagram.

“Most of the people that have interactions with Gin fall in love with her, so we thought why not share her adventures with them on Instagram,” explains Gin’s pawrent.

“Some people ask if they can take her for a walk outside, or even dog-sit her while we are on vacation. Some people buy her toys or treats.She is super crazy about balls; the first thing she does when she comes to the office is to find a ball and a victim, ” her owner says.

“Once you throw her a ball, she won’t leave you alone. She will keep bringing you the ball, and if you will not cooperate, she will put the ball behind your back and tap your chair.”

Gin loves giving high-fives, raising her hands and rolling over.

“In summertime, some employees bring their kids to the office and they love to play with Gin. It’s a win/win situation for the company and for them.”

Briza ‘works’ at Tipalti

Briza has been coming to work at Israeli fintech company Tipalti for the past four years.

“If Briza is left alone at the house she gets into a very stressed-out state of mind, so bringing her to the office contributes a lot to her mental and physical health (and to the health of our furniture),” jokes her pawrent.

Briza prefers going to work at Tipalti to staying home. Photo: courtesy

“Since she is a veteran here at Tipalti she has special relationship with some of the employees. Shauli, for example, has a drawer full of treats just for her. Others love taking her out for a stroll after lunch or when they want to take a coffee break.

“When she arrives in the morning she likes going into the kitchen, working her puppy eyes to get unsuspecting bystanders to give her food. She also like going to one-on-one meetings.”

Tipalti used to be in an office building where Briza sat next to the balcony on the first floor.

“One time she decided she needed to check out the neighborhood, so she jumped off the balcony onto a garden table on the ground floor, scaring everyone there to death, and continued to run like a cheetah outside. An entire dev team went looking for her. After some time, we went back to the office to find she had returned with a silly grin on her face,” reports her owner.

Briza was very happy when Tipalti moved to larger quarters on Kibbutz Glil Yam. She loves walking around the kibbutz twice a day, happy and relaxed.

Meni ‘works’ at Optimove

Meni is a distinguished gentleman, aged 11. Admittedly, he does not help his Optimove coworkers develop their relationship-marketing software.

Nevertheless, they all open the office’s glass doors for him (because otherwise he gets confused by the transparent barriers) and one employee snuck candy to Meni for months before his pawrent found out.

Meni relaxing at Optimove in Tel Aviv. Photo: courtesy

“A customer who saw a photo of him on Optimove’s Instagram  sent an email to the company saying that he would love to meet Meni on his next visit to our office,” reports Meni’s owner.

Take a look at that Instagram page to check out all the other canine friends keeping Meni company at work.

Nacho ‘works’ at Kaltura

Nacho enjoys a lot of attention (and treats) at Kaltura. Photo: courtesy

There are likewise several pups that come to work at Kaltura. Nacho, coming to work faithfully since July 2018, is undisputedly the alpha dog.

He has a knack for communicating with all the human employees at the Ramat Gan R&D site of this developer of a video platform for businesses.

“Nacho comes to all the meetings his owner participates in,” we hear from an insider at Kaltura.

“One day, [CTO and cofounder] Eran Etam brought in a cake his wife had baked for Eran’s birthday. Nacho jumped up on the table and ate the cake.”

Chip and Shimshon ‘work’ at DayTwo

Chip and Shimshon are newcomers at personalized nutrition company DayTwo in Tel Aviv. Both began accompanying their owners a couple of months ago. Chip comes in once a week and Shimshon nearly every day.

Shimshon getting loved up at DayTwo in Tel Aviv. Photo: courtesy

Shimshon loves getting petted and does not bark at anyone, says his owner.

“He is scared to stay alone so he goes with me just about everywhere and even waits quietly outside the bathroom. In the office next door, there are workers who very much love Shimshon and they come in every now and then just to pet him.”

“At DayTwo, Chip gets a lot of attention and petting. At first, he was really scared but everyone here made him feel comfortable and calm,” Chip’s pawrent says.

Chip is one of the regular office dogs at DayTwo in Tel Aviv. Photo: courtesy

“I feel very lucky to be able to bring him to work. I think it creates a more pleasant atmosphere in the office. He’s really quiet and disciplined so it makes it really comfortable. It’s just nice to have him by my side.”