The third Open Restaurants Tel Aviv Festival is underway this week and the public is invited to get a close up view of why Tel Aviv holds a ‘best foodie destination’ honor.

From Mediterranean street food to seafood samples to creative gourmet, Tel Aviv boasts a dynamic, lively culinary culture.

The vegan foodie community will show off why Tel Aviv is ranked the No.1 food destination for vegans, with the highest number of vegans per capita in the world (5 percent of the Tel Aviv population) and the highest number of vegan-friendly restaurants per capita in the world (150 vegan-friendly restaurants).

Gourmet tidbits. Photo by Flash90
Gourmet tidbits. Photo by Flash90

There are 80 restaurants taking part in this food festival that lets visitors peep into the kitchens of their favorite restaurants.

Chefs, chocolatiers, bakers and ice cream makers are sharing recipes and kitchen tricks with festival-goers.

The Open Restaurants initiative is held in cooperation with the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, TimeOut Magazine and is the brainchild of Merav Oren, a multidisciplinary entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of Agora.

The event runs through March 12, 2016. To sign up for a workshop or kitchen tour, click here.