It’s the city that never sleeps. Whether you want to eat, drink, dance or even just play chess, Tel Aviv’s clubs and bars are open all night long. Anything can happen, and everything goes.


It’s hot at night in Tel Aviv, and not only temperature-wise. The balmy Mediterranean climate means that you can party outside for most of the year and new nightlife options are opening all the time, including the latest rooftop bars, which are mushrooming on the city’s skyline.

Called the capital of Mediterranean cool by the New York Times, there’s something to suit everyone – whether it’s a mega dance club by the beach, or a relaxed neighborhood bar.


Photo by Melanie Fidler/Flash90.
Partygoers keep the bartenders busy at a night club in Tel Aviv.

From alternative rock to opera in the park, there’s something for every ear. And in the city that never stops you can shop at the flea market until 11pm, play chess on the sidewalk at midnight. and order a full breakfast at 5am.

And anything can happen. A tourist from England and a tourist from France met for the first time and enjoyed a few drinks at one Tel Aviv bar and e-mailed the bartender later to say they were tying the knot. That’s nightlife in Tel Aviv.

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