The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) is collaborating with the Minshar School of Art to turn its “trademark” giant video wall into a “canvas” on which students’ video art works will be displayed.

View of the new offices of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. (Photo by FLASH90)
View of the new offices of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. (Photo by FLASH90)

The exhibition will include 30 works — by students from the visual communication, photography, cinema and animation departments of the school —  which have been joined together into a single 20-minute video.

The ‘digital gallery’ collaboration will be launched tomorrow, as part of the White Night event (June 25, 2015). TASE will open its doors at 20:00 to host a free-entry evening for the general public, which will be entirely devoted to culture, art and music.

Throughout July, the work will be displayed on the TASE’s video wall once every hour during the trading day, for the benefit of the general public and visitors at the TASE’s new building.

“The collaboration with the Minshar School of Art is another tier in the series of actions taken by the TASE with the aim of bringing the general public closer to the financial worlds that touch on the lives of each and every one of us. The TASE is not just numbers and figures constantly moving on a digital screen, but also an entire world of endless innovation and creativity – groundbreaking enterprises by young and promising companies seeking to introduce their new ‘business creation’ to the world,” said Idit Yaaron, Head of the Marketing and Communications Unit at TASE.

“We are proud to provide the stage to showcase the future creative minds of Israel, both in the business world and in the art world, and invite the public to come and enjoy the creative artwork displayed in the project.”