With Tel Aviv’s dog population already world-famous – the city boasts a 1:17 ratio of dogs to humans – the municipality has now come through with an earlier promise to keep four-legged residents digitally in sync with new happenings in the city.

Digi-Dog is the name of a new digital service which gives Tel Aviv dog owners access to important information and special offers, including reminders about vaccinations, lists of nearby veterinarians, information about upcoming events, discounts at local businesses, listings of available dog walkers, training courses, and directions to the nearest dog park. Card holders can choose to receive updates via an online newsletter or text messages.

“Tel Aviv is an amazing city for dogs: We have beaches for dogs, parks for dogs, and we even hold film nights for dogs. Tel Aviv is also an amazing city for startups: With 1500 technological startups, Tel Aviv enjoys the highest concentration of technological companies per capita in the world. Today we are combining both assets – a dog-friendly city and a technology-friendly city – to create a revolutionary service.  If you like it – bark,” says Tel Aviv Global & Tourism’s CEO, Eytan Schwartz.

Digi-Dog is based on the city’s award-winning “Digi-Tel” resident card program, which gives human residents real-time updates on culture, sport and leisure activities as well as on what’s happening in their neighborhood and around the city.

“Digi-Dog is an innovative platform that represents a significant leap forward in terms of providing municipal services to dog owners. This program will empower residents to take advantage of everything the city has to offer both to them and to their pets,” says Reuven Ladianski, the Tel Aviv Council member who oversees environmental and animal-related issues.