For the fifth year in a row, Vegan Friendly Israel has put together an international roster of activists and experts for a two-day Vegan Congress, to be held March 8-9 at the Benjamin Duhl Auditorium in Tel Aviv.

The first Vegan Congress in 2014 drew 600 people. Last year’s Vegan Congress attracted 1,500 participants.

Approximately 5 percent of Israelis identify as vegan, the highest percentage of vegans per capita in the world. The switch to a plant-based diet generally is motivated by animal-welfare or health concerns, or both.

This trend has led to Israel’s growing prominence as a destination for vegan tourism, since the country boasts many vegan-friendly eateries or all-vegan restaurants, particularly in Tel Aviv.

The Vegan Congress gives Israelis access to lectures by well-known local and international activists.

This year’s speakers from abroad include James Aspey from Australia, who kept silent for an entire year to raise awareness of animal cruelty (he’ll speak on “How to Have Peace in a Violent World”); author Nick Cooney, former president of Mercy For Animals and cofounder of the Good Food Institute in the United States; and Joey Carbstrong, a social-media personality who lectures about how a plant-based diet helped him overcome a severe drug addiction.

“I am proud that every year, the response is growing,” said Omri Paz, founder of Vegan Friendly. “We will continue to carry the banner of veganism in Israel and lead the field with great pride.”

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