The first ever Tel Aviv-Yafo Biennial, a major art exhibition displaying the works of more than 300 Israeli and international artists, opened last week in Tel Aviv.

The Biennial is one of the highlights of Tel Aviv’s centennial celebrations and the focal point of the city’s September Month of Art, which includes dozens of varied artistic events.

Running from September 10 to 23, there will be works by more than 300 artists in 10 exhibition halls and public spaces around the city.

Among the events are: Boulevard Art, in which works by 400 artists will be hung along major boulevards; Simulakra, an intellectual-philosophical journey to the actuality of the virtual world; Tel Aviv’s 100th Anniversary, an exhibit depicting scenes from Tel Aviv’s history, using a hybrid technique; A Yafo Portrait, a photography exhibit presenting images and moments from Jaffa; A Simple Love Story, a film documenting an intimate relationship between two people accompanied by an exhibit of artifacts from Tel Aviv’s first neighborhoods and Needlework Unveiling, a needlework depicting Tel Aviv at 100 woven by one male and 30 female embroidery artists on display at the Tel Aviv municipality conference hall.