June 7, 2010, Updated September 24, 2012

After creating an inexpensive application for the iPhone that warns users when radiation levels are inching up dangerously high, Israel’s Tawkon has come out with a Blackberry version of its app.

The application not only provides warnings but also advice on how to counter the potentially negative effects. Not surprisingly, say some, their application was rejected by Apple, perhaps for fear that it would encourage customers to decrease their phone usage.

Following an online petition and publicity from sites like TechCrunch and ISRAEL21c, Tawkon succeeded in getting a meeting at Apple to discuss the rejection.

TechCrunch, the five-year-old weblog dedicated to profiling and reviewing new Internet products and companies, spoke to Gil Friedlander, Tawkon’s CEO, after the meeting.

Friedlander said: “Apple definitely saw the media and user interest in Tawkon. They’ve been very positive about working together with us to open undocumented APIs to get Tawkon on the App Store. It’s been quite a ride – through a series of exploratory phone calls and a very productive meeting with Philip Shoemaker [Director of Application Technology] and his team at their Cupertino headquarters.

“The iPhone team complimented our app, and we’re now optimistic that we’ll get onto the App Store. Now we just really need to show Apple that people want the opportunity to use their phone responsibly with minimal exposure to radiation when necessary.”

To help Takwon makes a stronger case to Apple, you can join its petition.

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