A summer collaboration project between Tel Aviv University students and Kodak Software and Solutions Team gives the future businessmen and women real experience and helps develop the future of one of the world’s most known brands.

Kodak’s Israeli R&D center develops future technologies for the company. Many of the new Kodak products are developed in Israel, according to Israel Advanced Technologies Industries. Kodak Israel creates revolutionary hardware and software nano-technologies for the printing world.

The student project is meant to bring new solutions to the market.

“We are very excited to embark on a long term partnership with the University of Tel Aviv. Kodak is deeply involved in the Israeli market and we intend to further grow our business here,” said Eric Yves Mahe, President Software & Solutions, Eastman Kodak. “The collaboration with university offers us the opportunity to work with the most brilliant minds in the goal of bringing innovative solutions to the market and designing the future of Kodak.”

“This unique opportunity of taking part in a strategic project done for a multi-national company allows our students to bring to the table the skills and tools that they have been absorbing throughout their degree. We see this collaboration as an important step towards building the next leadership of the startup nation,” said Dr. Iris Ginzburg, director of the Recanati MBA Program at TAU.