TAU offers new MBA program designed to create bridges across the East/West divideFrom October this year, Tel Aviv University is offering a new English-language international MBA that is designed to prepare gifted students from around the world for the modern challenges of a global business environment.
The curriculum at the university’s Graduate School of Business Administration will use Israel’s unique entrepreneurial culture and geographical location to attract students from multiple cultures, especially from Asia, India, and the Arab nations. Generous scholarships are being offered.
Endowed by the Sofaer family, the one-year master’s degree aspires far beyond academia. It seeks to play a significant role in neutralizing Middle East conflict through a shared philosophy of commerce, and to create meaningful ties between young executives that will last a lifetime. Fifty students will be enrolled in the first year of the degree course, three quarters of them from abroad.
“Everyone would like to see peace in the Middle East, but the Sofaer family is taking an innovative step toward that end,” says Prof. Asher Tishler, dean of TAU’s Faculty of Management. “Their SIMBA program will not only promote Israel as a powerhouse in business, it will be a nexus to nurture sustainable business relationships, a bridge across the East/West divide.”