Dog and man

During the second Lebanon War, many Israelis in the rocket-battered north and south refused to evacuate their homes. For many of these householders, it wasn’t a desire to keep their property safe that kept them at risk in the danger zone, instead it was the fear of what would happen to their pets.

ISREL21c takes a look at the Israeli love affair with their pets. Find our more in our stories below.

A “toothpaste” that saves kangaroo lives

A specialized tooth varnish developed by scientists in Israel can help kangaroos bounce back from a common and often-fatal gum disease.

Helping pets in a crisis

Convinced that compassion for animals will positively impact society, Khaya Dinsky tirelessly volunteers for their cause, giving a helping hand in times of trauma.

Air transport for furry VIPs

Got to send a pet by air? Then look no further than Israeli service Terminal4Pets, which helps pet owners worldwide navigate the rules and regulations of airline travel.

Israeli animal charity sends aid to Gaza zoo

Truckloads of food and medicine for lions, horses, donkeys, and other ill and hungry animals were among the relief supplies flowing into the Gaza Strip from Israel following the recent three-week war.

Israel’s great DNA pooper-scooper caper

It’s a problem everywhere where man’s best friend lives in the urban environment: dog poop and picking it up. A new community project in Petah Tikva, Israel is now taking to the streets using canine DNA to determine which pooch is pooping and what owner is not scooping.

The odd couple: cats and dogs can be friends

Cats are from Mars and dogs are from Venus. Or the other way around. Everyone knows that they don’t get along. But everyone also knows a story about the cat that adopted the puppy or the dog that cared for the kitten.

A potty way to solve your cat’s dirty little problem [VIDEO]

Who doesn’t hate cleaning the kitty’s litter box? When Fluffy can’t go outside for health or safety reasons, there isn’t much choice. New kitty litter mixtures that clump moisture together in a removable ball make the nasty deed a little more bearable, but until now the dirty litter box is the singular most irritating aspect of owning a cat.

Dogs may help lower children’s blood pressure

Dogs, long known as man’s best friend, may be more than just loyal companions: they may also have a positive impact on your children’s health, according to new Israeli research.

Israel’s Doctor Dolittle of the camel world

When the Bedouin of Israel’s Negev region see Dr. Michael Van Straten coming, they breathe a sigh of relief. And so do their camels. A 44-year-old veterinarian, Van Straten’s unique medical practice involves treating all kinds of animals, but his expertise lies in the ailing ornery desert dwellers.

Operation Noah’s Ark: Evacuating the animals

While the government and the military are focusing on the most efficient ways to evacuate people in the disengagement operation, concerned volunteers have been working to find new homes for the four-legged residents of settlements in northern Samaria in the West Bank and Gush Katif in Gaza.

Israel first in the world to develop Alzheimer’s guide dogs

Polly is the first dog to be trained as a guide dog and companion for people suffering from early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, the result of four long years of patient work by a team comprised of an Israeli social worker and professional dog trainer. She is the first dog in the world to be trained specifically to improve the quality of life for Alzheimer’s patients.

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