Israel’s TabTale was tapped to create Free to Play (F2P) mobile games to accompany the release of two Sony Pictures Entertainment films: “Charlie’s Angels” (November 15) and “Jumanji: The Next Level” (December 13).

The deals expand on TabTale and Sony Pictures’ previous mobile game collaboration on the “Hotel Transylvania” TV series. Published last December, that game has accumulated over 21 million downloads.

In the “Charlie’s Angels” side-scrolling running F2P game, players try to catch crooks, bust bosses, perform high-speed car chases and fend off enemies.

The “Jumanji” game will enable players to run in four directions as they fight for their lives against enemies — climbing up cliffs, free-falling off waterfalls, and escaping from a horde of hyenas. Players can take on the persona of their favorite character from the movie.

Headquartered in Israel with global offices in China, Macedonia, and Bulgaria, TabTale has more than 2.6 billion mobile game downloads across its Crazy Labs portfolio.

“Prolonging the fun and excitement you experience while watching a movie is gradually becoming a must,” said Sagi Schliesser, CEO and cofounder of TabTale. “We are proud to launch the official games for the movies that will dominate the box office this holiday season.”