Eight Israeli start-ups, one Palestinian start-up, two weeks, ten campuses in the US – that’s the recipe for the Tel Aviv Tech Tour, 2010.

From November 8 through 21 they’ll be in New York, Connecticut, Boston, Michigan, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Los Angeles and more, “hopping from campus to campus to meet face to face with students and tech communities, present their start-ups, discuss innovation, entrepreneurship and current hot trends in technology.”

They want to launch and introduce their ventures to their real audience, get their feedback and start generating buzz – and if some investors happen to stop by they say, well that’s okay with them, too.

A partial list of the participating start-ups: Fiddme, a social network for foodies and a “friend-finder;” the iStreamer by AllofMe.com, a new mobile application, specifically designed for Apple’s iPad, that gives you a zoomable, 3D continuous Timeline; DoNanza, the world’s largest work-from-home job search engine for freelancers, from professionals to work-at-home moms, students and hobbyists; ChatSq, that integrates location-based social networks and communication channels into a single, simple-to-use mobile interface; give2gether, that provides a unique SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, tailored for non-profits and NGOs; LoyalBlocks, that allows businesses to create and manage location-based loyalty clubs using an in-store dedicated Android device; and Jolicam, a service that upgrades any webcam into a surveillance system.