Shikun & Binui, a global construction and infrastructure company headquartered in Israel, has announced the financial closing of the Cundinamarca 010 Toll Road Project in Colombia. The project is part of a multinational plan to upgrade the South American country’s road infrastructure system.

The toll road will span approximately 154-kilometers and is located near the city of Bogota.

The scope of the project – including financing, construction costs, rehabilitation, operation and maintenance – is being estimated at approximately $640 million.

Shikun & Binui reported that it recently completed the financing for the construction, operation and maintenance of its toll lanes project in metropolitan Houston, Texas, in the scope of approximately $1 billion.

In both Texas and Colombia, the construction will be performed by SBI, Shikun & Binui Group’s international contracting subsidiary.

“The financial closing of the project in Colombia is an additional significant milestone in realizing the Group’s international strategy to expand its international infrastructure activity, and diversify its global operations. The completion of the financial closings in the US and now in Colombia will contribute to the Group’s record backlog. We will continue to compete for new mega projects in line with our strategical targets,” said Moshe Lahmani, Chairman of Shikun & Binui.

Photo by Shutterstock