Trying to find parking and watching the minutes tick past your set appointment time is a scenario everyone around the world understands. So, imagine not having to search your contacts list and instead have your phone call the person you’re late meeting with just a click of a button.

Enter Yissum, the research and development company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which has recently introduced SEER – a novel application for predictive speed dialing for smartphones. It is based on an innovative machine-learning algorithm that utilizes the user’s past behavior and the context of the call to predict the next outgoing call.

The contacts that the user is most likely to call next are displayed on the home screen and are constantly updated, enabling the user to easily make a call with just one click.

“As our mobile phones get smarter, the basic action of making a call is becoming tedious. With hundreds of contacts, searching for the right contact is complicated, or even not possible while driving,” said Yaacov Michlin, CEO of Yissum. “SEER makes your smartphone even smarter. It integrates information about our calling habits and location, and can predict who the user would like to call next. With SEER, there is almost no need to search for a contact and it takes only one click to make a call. SEER will dramatically upgrade the operating system and user experience for the use of cell phones.”

The SEER app is available for all android smartphone devices. The technology is also designed to be easily integrated into any smartphone operating system. Yissum is now seeking a business partner for further development and commercialization of the technology.