At least 500 million birds of 300 different species fly across Israel twice yearly on their way to and from Africa, Europe and Asia.

One of the most popular places to watch this extraordinary March and November spectacle is the Agamon Hula Lake Nature Park in the Upper Galilee.

Here, tens of thousands of common cranes touch down in the fields every day for a noisy meal to fuel their long journey.

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פורסם על ידי ‏אגמון החולה קק"ל – Agamon Hula‏ ב- יום ראשון, 1 במרץ 2020

They’re joined by many other feathered friends such as white storks, little egrets, barn swallows and black caps.

A zitting cisticola (streaked fantail warbler), one of the smallest birds in Israel, at Agamon Hula Lake. Photo by Nitai Haiun/KKL


The nature reserve also is home to many other kinds of wildlife, such as coypus and boars.

A wild boar at Agamon Hula Lake makes friends with the visiting cranes. Photo by Nir Aspis/KKL



You may choose to explore the reserve by foot, or rent a single, double, or triple bike or golf cart to get around. There are guided tours in a covered wagon as well as daytime, sunset and nighttime tours.

Visitors in a covered wagon watch thousands of cranes in the Hula Valley. Photo by Anat Hermony/Flash90

This year, birdwatchers in the Hula Valley are enjoying a new eco-friendly hi-tech visitor center.

Storks at Hula Lake. Photo by Inbar Shlomit Rubin/KKL

Ten years in the making, the Stephen J. Harper KKL-JNF Hula Valley Visitor Center includes state-of-the-art VR stations; a 194-square-foot digital, gesture-controlled wall that projects a live feed of migrating birds; a 3D digital model of the Hula Valley, dynamically updated with terrain data; a 220-seat auditorium fitted with a 4K projector, and more.

The Stephen J. Harper KKL-JNF Hula Valley Visitor Center. Photo: courtesy

If you come, bring your binoculars and camera! And if you can’t, enjoy these images from this year’s mighty migration. Check the KKL-JNF’s Agamon Facebook page for daily pictures and videos.

A flock of feathered friends visiting Agamon Hula Lake Park. Photo courtesy of KKL
Itzik Bendor caught this rainbow that appeared over Hula Lake. Photo courtesy of KKL