Chen Sabag was born 32 years ago in a Magen David Adom (MDA) ambulance in the southern Israeli town of Netivot.

On Tuesday, March 29, his son was born in an MDA ambulance near the northern Israeli city of Afula.

Sabag called MDA from his car at 7:49 pm, asking the dispatcher to tell the hospital to prepare for the arrival of his wife, Hadas, who was in labor with their third child. However, the dispatcher ascertained that labor was in a very advanced stage and told Sabag to pull over and await a mobile intensive care unit.

Paramedic Nati Liani, senior medic and driver Yossi Akris, senior medic and paramedic instructor Orit Ochana and youth volunteer Adi Rachamim rushed to the Sabags just in time to transfer Hadas to the ambulance and deliver the healthy boy.

Afterward, Chen Sabag told them of the strange coincidence.

And in another twist on the story, Liani revealed that he was celebrating his own birthday that evening.

“This was a very exciting birth, and I’m so happy it occurred on my birthday,” Liani said.

Paramedic Nati Liani with his birthday twin, Baby Boy Sabag. Photo by MDA Spokesman
Paramedic Nati Liani with his birthday twin, Baby Boy Sabag. Photo by MDA Spokesman

Ochana, the mother of seven children, delivered the infant. “This is the second birth I have attended in an ambulance,” she said.

“Once I realized we did not have much time before the birth it was important for me to get her into the mobile unit, and thanks to the cooperation and good work of our crew we were able to accomplish the task successfully. Hadas was a little nervous at first and I tried to calm her. It was an extraordinary experience. Seeing the wonder of creation right before my eyes just leaves me amazed every time.”

Chen Sabag said he never imagined that his third child’s birth would be so dramatic, let alone a repeat of his own welcome to the world.

“I would like to thank the MDA staff who arrived quickly and gave us the highest level of care, reassured us and took care of all our needs,” he said. “I have no words to describe the excitement I feel in the face of this closing of a circle. There must be something special about us that draws us to MDA in good circumstances.”

MDA Director General Eli Bin commented: “It always excites me to hear that the deep bond created in these special cases between MDA and patients often lasts even a few generations, as in this case. I want to wish mazal tov to the Sabag family and to MDA paramedic Nati Liani.”