Abigail Klein Leichman
August 11, 2016

An Israeli father and son developed an iOS app that could help you achieve healthier skin without spending a fortune on acne treatment products and doctor appointments.

MDacne was the idea of dermatologist Dr. Yoram Harth, who specializes in treating pimples.

Together with his son Oded, a graduate of the IDF’s elite 8200 technological unit, they bootstrapped the founding of MDAlgorithms in Herzliya and built what they say is the world’s first dermatologist-based computerized acne analysis and acne treatment education system.

The app analyzes a selfie to identify your acne type and severity, leads you through a customized 30-day treatment plan and monitors your progress.

Most of the features are free, while premium features such as step-by-step video tutorials and daily treatment reminders and tips are available by subscription (one week for $1.99, one month for $3.99, three months for $6.99).

MDacne screenshot.
MDacne screenshot.

Six weeks after the December 2015 soft launch in beta mode, MDacne reached the top spot on the US app store for acne apps, and has remained there, Oded Harth tells ISRAEL21c.

“There is a huge need,” he explains. “There are half a billion people in the world who suffer from acne and most of them don’t treat it, so we are here for them.”

Harth explains that most people with acne do a Google search that yields ads for commercial products as well as general information. Many cannot afford a dermatologist visit, and even if they can, the doctor will spend an average seven minutes with the patient – enough to write a prescription but not enough to convey guidance or education.

“We think that 80 percent of people with acne can get very good results using preventive methods such as proper cleansing and diet,” says Harth. “We can coach and guide them and help them stay committed to a regimen. We do recommend over-the-counter products if necessary, and if we see the case is severe we recommend going to a dermatologist.”

The app is available for now only in English, though the five-person company is looking into localizing it for China.

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