The Silverman sisters (Sarah - second from left, sister Susan to her right)

Sarah Silverman is coming to town. Finally. The caustic comedienne – who, for those not yet familiar with her offbeat self-deprecating humor, was thrust onto the national scene with her tongue-in-cheek viral video urging Jews to visit their bubbies and zaidies in Florida and urge them to vote Obama in the last election – has never visited Israel. This despite a very outward Jewish sensibility in her act and TV show.

Silverman will visit Israel next month to take part in the Israeli Presidential Conference. According to Haaretz, she will host a performance of fellow comedian Todd Glass. Silverman is also performing a night of stand up comedy in Tel Aviv on June 25.

But what I want to know is: will Silverman take her nieces and nephews to the park? You see, Silverman’s big sister, Rabbi Susan Silverman, is our neighbor. She and her entrepreneur husband Yosef Abramowitz just moved in a couple of months ago and their kids will clearly want some slide and swing time with Aunt Sarah.

Will Sarah have a retinue of bodyguards as she helps the little tykes throw dirty sand at the local stray cats? Will the paparazzi scare away all the other parents and kids so that Sarah gets her own personal playground? And will Sarah’s up close encounter with Israeli dog poop lead her to develop a whole new set of jokes to taunt us with on stage?

Score me some tickets to the Tel Aviv show – and bring on the insults. Sarah, we love you.