An Israel-based company that focuses on cosmetic and skincare products, Syneron Medical, recently announced the launch of its latest product, a skin-lightening cream that acts by breaking down melanin, the compound that gives skin a darker appearance.

Syneron Medical‘s new product, known as elure Advanced Skin Whitening Technology, is a real innovation among skin-lightening products, being the first and so far only product that achieves a lightening of the skin by breaking down melanin.

The active ingredient is an organically-based, naturally-occurring enzyme, and expert opinion on the safety and efficacy of this innovative product has been overwhelmingly positive.

Alain Khaiat, PhD, President of the Cosmetic Toiletries and Fragrance Association of Singapore, issued the following comment: “The safety and tolerability of elure is unparalleled. We tested the product at 17,000 times the recommended human dose and saw no potential for adverse events.”