Apples and Benji Lovitt

On the web, Rosh Hashana always brings a fresh batch of holiday-themed videos. This year’s selection doesn’t disappoint. ISRAEL21c has scavenged YouTube and Vimeo to bring you the best of 5774:

1. Street Shofar

One of the sounds of Rosh Hashana is that of the shofar (ram’s horn). ‘Street Shofar’ takes viewers on a beautiful visual trek across Israel — from Jerusalem’s Old City to Bedouin villages to Tel Aviv night clubs — bringing the shofar’s “eternal message of peace, understanding and new possibility.” It’s a heartfelt video that needs no words to get its message across.

2. Apples and Mayonnaise

Local comedian Benji Lovitt tries to find a better taste combination for the traditional apples and honey Rosh Hashana combo. Lovitt is known for stand-up comedy about life in Israel and Israeli society. His video will bring a smile to your face.


Viewers know that when a new holiday rolls around, Aish Hatorah’s social media department is the place to click for a top production holiday-themed video. “Get Clarity,” the Jewish take on Daft Punk’s hit “Get Lucky” features Yeshiva students making all the right moves.

4. Six13 a cappella

Another holiday singsong comes a cappella from the American Six13 Jewish group. Their song about apples-and-honey is a remix of Macklemore’s megahit, “Can’t Hold Us.” The best lyric hands down: On this holiday no one tried to kill us but hey who cares, let’s eat!

5. Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

Staff and students at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology don’t just dip an apple in honey, as per tradition. They prefer to mesh science, physics, math and fun in order to fulfill the mitzvah. Take aim.

6. Temple Run

JEWBELLish, creators of this year’s funniest app-inspired Rosh Hashana video, ask synagogue-goers whether they’ve ever thought of cutting out of prayers early. Temple Run takes on a whole new meaning.

7. Animaboard

Israeli graphic artists have also got into the holiday spirit. The best Rosh Hashana themed clip ISRAEL21c found features the traditional pomegranate fruits in a cute cartoon.

Happy New Year and Shana Tova to everyone celebrating!