New Year’s videos from Israel and other Jewish organizations tend to circulate around the web and email at this time of year. The Fountainhead’s “Dip Your Apple” video is by far the most popular, with well over a million YouTube views.


But there are other cute clips, including one where a bearded techie dips a variety of Apple products (an iPhone and an iPad) in honey vats of varying sizes.


There are also a couple of videos not specifically related to the holiday but that also provide inspiration and enjoyment for the New Year.

Guy Barzily was born in Israel, raised mostly in London and recently appeared on the Dutch version of the “Idol” franchise. His audition was wildly received by the judges. One said “I’ll kiss the ground you walk on.” From another: “That was a perfect audition, more than perfect. You’ve astounded me.” (For the record, I didn’t think it was that good, but judge for yourself.)


Then there’s this cool video made by 24-year-old Jerusalemite Eran Amir, which depicts 500 people flashing across the stream in 100 seconds while holding 1,500 photographs from around the country. Like the Fountainheads, his clip has also racked up an amazing million + views.


From all of us here at Israelity (and me personally) – Shana Tova!