We fell head over heels for a Tel Aviv-based enterprise that lets us support artists simply by putting on a pair of socks.

There’s certainly no shortage of socks available in all colors and designs, but Collectoe was created to showcase and support international artists in a unique, wearable way.

“Around two years ago, our founder – serial entrepreneur and art lover Assaf Balulu — had the idea to create a brand with a meaning behind it and that does some good,” says Metav Djemal, product manager for Collectoe.

“People collect socks and art – so he just put them together,” she explains.

These Collectoe socks by Rocio Montoya are called “Jazz-Romance 2.” Photo by Amit Mozer

In partnership Eyal Katz and Saar Friedman of creative agency OPEN Tel Aviv, Collectoes scoured online artists platforms and Instagram for artists to approach from genres including graphic design, tattoo, graffiti and traditional.

Sales were launched in September 2020 with socks by a curated group of artists – 10 now, with more to come — from Israel, Italy, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, Ireland and Australia.

“We give them the template of the socks and say, ‘Go for it.’ They are all partners in the process,” Djemal says.

“We aren’t the first to bring beautiful art to socks. But while most brands purchase rights to the design, our process is 100 percent collaborative,” she tells ISRAEL21c.

“The artists get a percentage of each sale of their design. They have a dashboard connected to our website and a sales program to see how many were sold, what is their bestseller and to keep track of their earnings. I don’t know of other brands that do that.”

Collectoe socks come boxed for gift-giving. Photo by Amit Mozer

The top-selling Collectoe socks currently are from Koketit – aka Israeli artist Shira Barzilay, whose abstract line drawings have a sensual feminine twist.

I’m thinking I will have to buy some “Pink & Black” socks by In-House Artists for my 10-year-old granddaughter whose wardrobe colors are influenced by K-pop girl band Blackpink. Personally, I’m partial to “Fruits” by Gal Shir.

Collectoe socks come in pink-and-black and many other designs. Photo by Amit Mozer

“The people who have ordered Collectoe socks range in age from 16 to 60,” Djemal says. “Many people bought them for Christmas presents. We had collaborations with [Israeli] companies such as Wix and Amdocs that ordered socks for their employees.”

The socks are manufactured in China and Turkey, and warehoused in Tel Aviv. Price per pair ranges from $10-$18.

“We have international shipping through our website, and we do delivery in Israel,” says Djemal. ‘’Our socks also are available in three stores in Tel Aviv, as well as Canvas Collection in London’s Carnaby Street.”

Djemal says Collectoe plans to launch new designs and sock styles, expand its children’s offerings, and seek out more collaborations.

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