Rhythmic gymnast Neta Rivkin lost the ball during her second routine, docking points from her score, and placing the second-time Olympian in 14th place so far. Rivkin, who was in seventh place after the first routine, looked understandably disappointed upon seeing her name drop on the scoreboard.

Competing in the Individual All-Around event, Rivkin will perform two more routines in tomorrow’s qualification rounds. A top 10 finish will advance her to the finals, scheduled for Saturday.

In the Group All-Around qualifications today, Israeli gymnasts Moran Bozovski, Marina Schultz, Noa Palchi, Victoria Koshel, Polyana Zakolzani and Eliora Zolokovski were in eighth place after the first routine in the qualification rounds.

The Group All-Around qualifications continue tomorrow. The final is set for August 12.